Vacant Lot Theatre Company is a company devoted to a collaborative approach to theater. Their projects are based on the assumption that all artists can contribute to the aesthetic and ideas on stage. With a repertory that spans from classical to contemporary, kinetic pieces and international partnerships, the troupe prefers to create theater without knowing what the script will be.


Ryan Whinnem

Ryan founded The Mobtown Players and ran it for eight years in Baltimore, received his MFA from Catholic University in 2009. He also founded Bright Alchemy Theater in Washington DC, which is dedicated to devised works centering around mystical(ish) themes. He is no stranger to experimental theater, having directed a one hour reduction of Richard III and an adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood involving puppets set in a demilitarized zone.

Emily Clare Zempel

Vacant Lot Co-Founder, earned an MFA in acting from Brooklyn College. She has performed in regional theater, as well in the off-off theater scene in New York. Zempel is also the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Spark and Echo Arts, an arts non-profit dedicated to creating the world’s largest multi-disciplinary, “illuminated” Bible, that is a collection of art, music, theater, dance, poetry, etc, in response to every passage of the Bible. The works are collected in an online gallery at and are presented at live events in New York. She is also a member of Spark & Echo the Band, playing Indie Folk/Pop with biblical text on instruments such as the baritone uke, melodica, clarinet, guitar, and Boris the Bassoon.

Eli Sibley

Eli has acted in several of the 50 states and once internationally in China.  She's trained in the classical arena but has moved more toward T.V. and film, enjoying craft services and sitting around while the crew sets up the shot.  She is currently getting certified both in Laban Analysis and the Alexander Technique.  Besides a movement coach and actor, she has also been seen as a percussionist and puppeteer.  In 2009 she wrote and performed in the acclaimed one woman show, Born of a


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